Premium Support

We ensure you get to market on time, with expert support.

Free SOM Integration Support

PHYTEC offers free support to customers designing our SOM into their device with EAU above 400 pcs. Free support and services includes:

  1. Customer carrier board schematic reviews
  2. BSP build and toolchain issues
  3. SOM and interface hardware questions

We will provide direct access to a software engineer and a hardware engineer. Engineers assigned to customer projects have deep know how on the SOM that the customer is designing in. The customer will also have a PHYTEC project manager to ensure the customer is getting the support they need from PHYTEC engineering, Silicon Vendors, and other 3rd parties as needed.

Purchase a Support Contract

PHYTEC backs up our Rapid Development Kits with a Start-Up Guarantee. We invite you to make use of our free Technical Support concerning installation and setup of QuickStart demos until any kit start-up problem you might encounter is resolved. For more in-depth questions, we offer technical support packages for purchase. PHYTEC support contracts are available exclusively to OEM customers for integration of PHYTEC SOMs into their end applications.

Please contact PHYTEC at or call +91-80-40867046/49 to discuss the appropriate support option if professional support beyond installation and setup is required.