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India's First OEM POS Motherboard
Highly configurable with minimum lead time (8 - 9 weeks)
Android BSP / Linux BSP
SDK for Android / Qt Application Development
Services provided for Hardware Customization,
      Software Customization & Manufacture Support

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POS systems are highly demand to the business infrastructure and facilitating business processes, including real-time product payment and tracking. Linux is strongly being considered for POS systems to alleviate the costs of current OS infrastructures. In this scenario, with the growing demand for Smart Applications, PHYTEC brings ready to manufacture “POS Motherboard Solution” an ideal system that works on OS like Linux or Android. We provide complete manufacturing data like Gerber, BOM of the carrier board and full SDK in Linux QT or Android for the customer application development. PHYTEC can customize POS Motherboard as per customer configuration with minimum lead time.

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  •  Application:
       Bus Ticketing Machine
       Utility Billing Machine
       Parking Ticketing Machine
       Aadhaar based Attendance System
       Electronic Public Distribution System
       Electronic Ticketing Machine
       Automated Fare Collection
       Handheld Billing Machines
  •  SOM:
      ARM Cortex-A8 / A9 @ 1GHz
      128MB upto 1GB DDR3 RAM
      128MB upto 16GB NAND Flash
      Linux / Android OS
     Carrier Board
      SD Card Slot supports upto 32GB
      TFT 3.5" / Monochrome 128 x 64 Display
      Resistive Touch / Capacitive Touch
      Matrix Keypad (6 x 5) / Max Keys 8 x 10
      QWERTY Keypad Support
     Interface Data
      RFID / NFC Reader (Opt)
      Smart Card Reader (Opt)
      Magnetic Swipe Reader (Opt)
      1D / 2D Barcode Reader Opt)
      STQC pproved Fingure Printer Module
      Support 2" / 3" Thermal printer, Imapct printer
      GSM 2G
      GSM 3G (Opt)
      Security SAM 2 x Slot
      Camera 2MP / 5MP
      Additional UART & USB Ports
      Switch Reset & Factory Reset
      Status LEDs PWR & Charging
      High precision RTC
      Dual Battery Charger
      Battery Monitor
      Li-iob 3600 mAh upto 4000 mAh

Handheld POS Support Packages

PHYTEC Board Support Packages (BSPs) are software bundles that implement and support operating systems on our System on Modules. PHYTEC BSPs are application development-ready, offering all essential drivers and board-level feature support. The only task left for you is application integration. This way, you can focus on your core competencies while we take care of the rest.

Linux BSP

  • GCC C/C++ cross development tool chain
  • Eclipse IDE
  • PTXdist build system
  • Bootloader, kernel, file system
  • Source BSP

Coming Soon

Android BSP

  • Visual Studio 2008 evaluation CD
  • Platform Builder 7
  • SDK for application development
  • Bootloader and runtime Nk.bin image
  • OSDesign example
  • Binary BSP, source available under EULA

Coming Soon

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